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“i'm not going to turn you into a dear.”

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What famous actor is Thomas’s cousin? (x)


"This is Criminal Law 100, or as I prefer to call it, How to Get Away with Murder.


Another Teen Wolf/Hunger Games crossover for wingedmortality! I loved drawing this one - so many details! ♥

Check out the Derek commission here! :D

i give the frick up, this essay is incomplete and idc bc i don’t know what to write and yeah

i’m going to stab my laptop repeatedly why can’t i figure out this essay


[ yield ] 

a spontaneous sketch completely based on this gif because it’s awesome and it fits them so well… plus I needed a distraction and a quick anatomy practice ;)

+ there’s a story to it as well - read it HERE / AO3 - by Dani

[ edit: nsfw pics have been moved to another blog ]

i just saved a bunch of tove lo related urls